Sunday, 29 January 2012

THE Chair

Do you remember THE Chair? The one hubby and I first clapped eyes on and plonked our derrieres in back in November in John Lewis? The only chair that we kept going back to and saying 'ahhhhh' when we sat in it. The chair that cost an eye-watering £999.

Well, on Tuesday hubby had a brainwave; he phoned the John Lewis outlet store in Swindon where unloved and unwanted (ie ever so slightly damaged) items from JLs throughout the land go to live until someone takes pity on them and gives them a home. He wasn't particularly hopeful but asked whether they ever had THE chair in stock. The lady at JL said that yes, they did sometimes get THE chair and to call back on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday as those were the days on which they got new deliveries. So, the following morning hubby called and, you can probably guess what I'm about to say, they had actually had one of THE chairs delivered! And it was 50% off due to a few marks, so instead of £999, it was being sold for £499. OMG! Hubby immediately asked for them to reserve it in his name, called me (I was in High Wycombe and Reading visiting friends) and asked if I would make a small detour on the way home, via Swindon.

So on Thursday afternoon I hot-footed it to the Swindon "Designer Outlet" mall and gave the chair a quick once over to check for damage. Quite honestly, it was minimal - there were some scratches on the feet which can really only be seen if you lift the chair up or squat down to floor-level (not something I tend to do much of if I can help it), a small (VERY small) dint to the back corner, and a small scratch on the back cushion (you can just about make it out in this photo.)
So, quick as a flash, I said 'I'll take it' and the deal was done. Thirty minutes later there was a very large bubble-wrapped parcel in the boot of the car (thanks goodness for capacious boots) and I was homeward bound (with another detour via Bristol to collect my mum.)

And doesn't THE chair just look so at home in the snug? Hubby is one very happy boy; even happier because his parents gave him the money to buy the chair for his BIG birthday which he celebrated last weekend.

And here are both chairs, his and hers so to speak - my bargain JL purple chenille wingback number - reduced to £450 as an ex-display model and hubby's bargain Tetrad Totnes reduced to £499 due to 'damage'. That's two chairs for less than the price of one - got to love a bargain!

So, can I just recommend to anyone and everyone - check out the John Lewis Swindon outlet for anything you may have set your heart on at JL but can't quite stretch to. You don't even have to make a trip there, you can call up to see if they have what you're looking for in stock to save a wasted journey.

A new dining table, perhaps? (the one at the front caught my eye, reduced to £249)

Sofa or armchair?A new bed, wardrobe, or bedside cabinetsmattresses in all shapes and sizesFridge freezer anyone? (as long as you don't mind a couple of dints or scratches)Washing machine? Tumble drier?

Or a new light for that dark corner?

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  1. How I'd love a bit of shopping there, sadly its far too far away. Excellent bargains and gorgeous chairs, I could just snuggle down now with my book, but again far too far away.


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