Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Snug-ier and Snug-ier

A couple of weeks before Christmas I made a trip to High Wycombe and Reading; while there I fitted in some time with friends, a couple of hours at the hairdresser and plenty of shopping. High Wycombe has a very lovely John Lewis which is pretty much dedicated to 'house and home', which certainly helps to focus the mind. I've mentioned before our hunt for 'the' chair and we're still lusting after the Tetrad Totnes (or two of them, to be precise). But at £1000 each lusting is about as far as it goes. But luck was on my side as I wandered round the furniture dept in JLHW, not that much luck that the Tetrads were on special offer, but enough luck that a rather gorgeous purpley-mauve chenille wing back armchair had an 'ex-display discount' label attached. And not only did it look good, it felt good too as I plonked myself down in it. I also plonked myself down in pretty much all the other chairs that were on display but this one had my name (and bum-imprint) on it, so I snapped it up before some other canny shopper grabbed it. And this week it was finally delivered. And it fits in the snug an absolute treat - the colour is just right to go with the carpet, the size is perfect, it still feels as comfy as it did when I first sat in it and absolutely best of all the invoice showed it was £200 less than I thought it was going to be, all down to the fact that between me snapping it up in mid-Dec and when it was delivered a piece of the back leg had been damaged. Yes, it's a bit unsightly, but it's at the back and out of view and a couple of coats of paint (or even a marker pen?!) should cover it up. And for £200 off, I'll take it!

In honour of the chair's arrival, hubby lit the fire in the snug for the very first time. It was absolutely lovely, and as the sun set and the curtains were drawn the room absolutely lived up to its name and was a totally cosy, comfy and snug cocoon where I whiled away a lovely half hour with a magazine while awaiting the arrival home from nursery of the whirlwind that is DC.

Yes, this room is still a work in progress: we have curtains, but they are orange and yellow check ones from our house before last and, strangely, they don't really go with the purple striped carpet, we still need another comfy chair in the room, we need to move in a bookcase from the dining area, move in a cabinet from my office for the TV to sit on, buy a TV that works, tile the hearth and fit a fire surround/mantelpiece, but it's definitely an improvement on a few months ago!


  1. My first thought even before you said it...was ...Sharpie!!!! I have a bit of Sharpie work here. Our move dinged up my four poster bed quite a bit.

    the chair and snug look LOVERLY!


  2. Lovely chair and lovely discount! As Tina said, a sharpie would definitely cover up the little dint to the leg :)


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