Monday, 6 February 2012

New Cath on the Block

Isn't it typical? You live somewhere (or within a 30 minute drive of somewhere) for 21 years (OMG, was it really that long?) and then you move away. And what happens within seven months of you moving from somewhere? Cath Kidston goes and opens up a shop there. Yes, there, right there, there in that place where you would have been just a 15 minute (brisk) walk away. Yes, that's right, just a short walk away from your very own Cath Kidston shop. Except now you live more like a two-hour (and that's if you drive rather faster than you should all the way and don't get stuck behind a caravan on the A303) drive away. Well, thanks for that, Cath.

But, let's not get bitter. Really I should be used to it. When we lived in Henley there was ne'er a Cath in sight; then we moved to Reading and Cath opened up in Marlow. No we've moved to deepest Zummerzet and Cath's gone and opened in Reading.

Anyway, back to not being bitter. Before Christmas I was able to pay my first visit to my 'not local anymore' Cath shop (apologies for several somewhat unseasonal photos), and a couple of weeks ago I went back for a second look.And it didn't disappoint. Set over two floorsthis store really makes the most of the site, although downstairs does feel rather crowded in comparison to the lighter, airier and more open upstairs which has been dedicated to the fabric, wallpaper, and more 'haberdashery' side of Cath. Isn't that wooden display cabinet just fabulous? I think it would look rather at home chez nous.While downstairs the front of the store is given over to bags and clothesmoving through to homewares (these bowls are on my wish list)and on to towels, toiletries plus pretty stuff for children and babies.
And the shop looks just as good from the outside as it does inside - cosy and inviting and giving me serious heart palpitations over all the spotty and floral 'stuff' that I want (but most definitely don't need.)

And a close up of that Antique Rose standard lamp, which absolutely MUST come and live at our house.

I went through a phase of being a bit fed up with Cath - she seemed to be putting her mark on anything and everything (Cath Kidston travel sweets anyone?!), and I also had a couple of poor quality items from her (such as a dodgy umbrella that wouldn't stay open in even the slightest gust of wind), but I'm back into the CK groove at the moment, as witnessed when Darling Child and I venture out together and the back of the pram is laden down with 1) my CK green spot handbag; 2) my CK green spot print wallet; 3) DC's CK cowboy print nappy bag (no longer used for nappies, but still a very handy bag to have); 4) DC's CK aeroplane print rucksack; 5) the CK iPad cover which hubby bought me for Christmas. Yep, we look like a right pair of CK addicts.


  1. Such adorable stuff!! Too bad they didn't put up their shop while you still lived close by though. :)

  2. ohhhhh...nice. I bought the charm bracelet in July and it promptly fell apart. I think the safest thing to do is stick to fabric goods don't you? purses, shopping bags, fabric, buttons..oh and maybe the paper stuff :) hmmm or those bowls look lovely...I do love it too.

    The yarn shop is a go...I am sorting and setting things up. OPening is planned for late Spring.



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