Monday, 27 February 2012

No Food Week :: No Food Fortnight?

We did it! We survived No Food Week. Apart from the little chocolate-coated slip up with the Cadbury Splats on Tuesday, for which I added an extra day to the challenge, no food for consumption at home (food for consumption while out and about was excluded from the challenge) was purchased in the entire week from the evening of Friday 17th Feb til the evening of Saturday 25th Feb with the exception of:
1 bunch of grapes
8 bananas

That's it. Pretty phenomenal, eh? And we haven't had to resort to any strange lunch or dinner combos like ice lollies and chips, or marmalade on Tuc crackers. With fridge, freezer and cupboard food we have enjoyed in the last eight days such delights as: a roast chicken dinner, tuna pasta bake, roast belly of pork, a bacon, sausage and fried egg brunch, jacket potatoes, bubble and squeak. I've made two loaves in the bread maker, things that have been squirrelled away in the freezer and forgotten about have been eaten (2 tubs of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, for example), yet more things that have languished unloved in the larder cupboard have been consumed (the packet of Aunt Bessie's sage & onion stuffing went down a treat with the roast chicken last night), and instead of just buying more and more packets of foodstuffs that we already have plenty of (crackers and biscuits, for example), we are eating our way through the stockpile.

And still there is more, so much so that I've decided to extend No Food Week into No Food Fortnight. The only difference is that fresh salad and vegetables, as well as fresh fruit, can now be purchased. Yesterday hubby bought:
6 bananas
2 apples
2 punnets of strawberries (very unseasonal, but DC loves them)
1 bag salad leaves

And today I've asked my mum to pick up an orange pepper and some cherry plum tomatoes.

Can we do it? Five more days to go. The freezer and larder cupboard are still full; the fridge is looking a little bare, but I think we can make it. Oooo, I do love a challenge!

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