Friday, 23 March 2012

On the Move

No, not us. We've been in our lovely Somerset village for 11 months now and we absolutely adore it here, and there are no plans to move (unless hubby gets offered a job in an exotic location...)

No, this time it was my Mum who was on the move. She sold our ancestral home in Bristol (where she'd lived for 40 years) and bought a bungalow in Crewkerne, which is just a few miles away from us. However, the bungy needs a fair amount of work doing to it, so she's going to be living with us for the next two or three months = babysitter in residence = result!!

So, on Wednesday I drove up to Bristol to help her sort the last few things, then bright and early yesterday morning the packing and removal team arrived. By 8.30am they'd hurried us out the door so we wouldn't get in their way; we headed out to Costa coffee and had a wander round the shops in Henleaze. By 11am the removal team were done and had trundled off with Mum's worldy goods. Wow, talk about a fast turnaround. Mum and I then went back into the house to clean, vacuum and say farwell to the host of neighbours who popped in. By 2pm we were sitting in John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway (my second home) having a well-earned rest and an egg mayo baguette. Our heads were spinning from how quickly everything had been sorted, packed and moved!

So, it was farewell to number 31Farewell to the view from my childhood bedroom window (although the sports centre wasn't there when I was growing up.)Farewell to the enormous extension that Dad built.And to the kitchen that Dad fitted.
So long and farewell number 31, it was great knowing you and we have some lovely memories. Now it's time to make new ones!


  1. Hope that your mum will be very happy in her new home. Live in babysitting will be great, lucky you!

  2. Wow that's a long time to live in one house, it must be a bit of a wrench leaving so many memories and neighbours behind. However a new house is always exciting and it'll be good for her to be so close to you and her grandson.


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