Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Three is the Magic Number

Our Darling Child turned three yesterday. Three! How time flies. Here he is on the day he was born (the first day of Spring, which is kind of nice.) And here is is yesterday, being all three and grown up.As is customary, Daddy made his birthday cake. This year's theme was Buzz Lightyear. You can just about see the small Buzz figure at the top of the rocket.DC was overwhelmed with presents and cards, so much so that he hasn't opened them all yet, so the excitement can continue this evening when he gets home from nursery. Since Buzz Lightyear (and Toy Story in general) is an ongoing obsession with him, when he started opening his presents yesterday he would hold each package up and ask 'Has it got Buzz in it?', which is an advance on Christmas when he asked of each gift, 'Has it got chocolate in it?'

And the excitement didn't end there. At about 10.30pm the result on a small tummy of too many Wotsits and cocktail sausages for birthday tea made itself know. What joy!

Happy Birthday darling boy. Here's to another year of loveliness.

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  1. He's gorgeous, glad that you had a good day.


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