Monday, 14 January 2013

Holiday (Remember That Far Back?) Part II

A few more snaps from our November/December trip to the US of A.
Here's a spot of cloud-writing, or whatever it's called. We watched this plane as we drove along, wondering for ages what he was going to write - we thought it was going to be 'Thanksgiving', but looks like it turned into 'Thank God This Cloud Got in the Way So I Don't Have to Write Thanksgiving'
DC (plus sword) discovers the delights of the water fountain. Mothers everywhere shudder at the germs, but not I; DC has a remarkable immune system due to the number of chocolate buttons he has eaten after they've fallen on the ground and the fact that I always forget to ask him to wash his hands when he has been playing with the chickens. Who's going to nominate me for Mother of the Year Award?
This is the park in aptly named Winter Park, a very lovely little town (or is it a suburb?) just outside  Orlando. 
Whilst there, Mum and I popped into the fab Charles Hosmer Morse Museum and admired very much its collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany glass. GEEE.ORRR.JUSS. Sorry, no photos were allowed, so you'll have to look at the website to see how lovely is the glass, etc, that they have there.

On Thanksgiving we made an early start and headed for Sea World; after our dismal outing to Disneyland a few days earlier, I wasn't looking forward to it, but it turned out to be one of the best (theme) parks we visited.
The shows were fantastic, particularly this one that featured dolphins, plus parrots that flew around the audience.
We enjoyed lunch under the watchful eye of the sharks... Yes, those are real sharks in the background, watch out DC.

Here's DC (yes, he's wearing a pyjama top, but it's his favourite and as we've already decided, I am a worthy of Mother of the Year), eating an ice cream and holding favourite bear Teddy George. A pretty perfect moment in a toddler's life.

Not to mention the fact that he'd just been on his very first rollercoaster (or roastercoaster, as he likes to call them.) Hubby and I had to tag team since DC enjoyed the coaster so much he ended up riding it six times, yes six, back to back. Puketastic.
Here he is practising his gormless expression just as the coaster was about to set off (for the umpteenth time.) 

Oh, and lest we forget amid the blue skies and balmy 70F weather, it was actually mid-November. Here are some of the lovely Christmas decorations at Sea World - the Sea of Trees.

And one last shot to show the best way to finish off a great day (if you're a toddler that is; the best way to finish off a day in my opinion is to sit on the sofa with a magazine to flick through, an episode of Corrie to watch and a box of chocolates to eat.)

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  1. Lovely pics, makes me want to be somewhere sunny! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has consistantly (over a period of 16 years!) forgotton to tell my kids to wash their hands, we all have fab immune systems too.


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