Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year's Revolutions

Well, let's start with the niceties: Happy New Year and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

And now, let's resume normal service. Family W is finally just about getting back on its collective feet after about a month of being proper poorly, one at a time (which was the one positive in the whole situation.) First poor old DC came down with a cold and nasty ear ache(s), then it was my turn to succumb to the flu, and then on Christmas Day and Boxing Day (how unfair?) poor hubby was struck down with flu. My after-flu cold symptoms (perpetually runny nose + tickly cough) finally cleared up this weekend, while poor hubby is still glugging the Lemsip like it was going out of fashion - here's hoping his flu/cold follows my pattern of being around for bang-on three weeks, which should give hubby just 48 hours more of snot and splutter.

Now, on to the New Year's Revolutions - just trying to be different/hip/in with the kids. I only have one this year; that might actually be an increase on most years where I don't bother. Anyhoo, my resolution this year is...drum roll please...wait for it...

to be less tardy
not to be late
to turn up on time

There, I said it. Now I just have to do it. Actually, I managed it today - I picked DC up from nursery and I was a full two minutes early - oh yes, not only was I not late, I was the opposite of late, by 120 entire seconds. Woooooo me.

Moving on from the resolution, I have also set myself a challenge for 2013. Yes, you can call me Anneka (if you're of a certain age and you get that reference.) In 2012 I read 24 books, so my challenge for 2013 is to read 25 or more. Exciting, eh? Hubby has pointed out that lots of the books I read in 2012 were cosy crime, coming it at around 250 pages each, and not weighty tomes of the War and Peace variety. But, what of it? I say. I still read 24 books, so there. And, no doubt, many of the books I read in 2013 will be cosy too, but the challenge remains. Can I do it..?


  1. Well done you on your early arrival at nursery - we were on time at school this morning after managing to be late every single day last half term! Good luck with the books, remember to show & tell any good ones. x

  2. War & Peace would probably take you the whole year alone!


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