Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Little Trip to Amsterdam

At the end of June I was lucky enough to pop over to Amsterdam for three nights, leaving hubby and DC home alone. I met up with four of my old school friends over there (one lives there, the rest of us are dotted aross the South of England) and we shared a lovely little apartment (complete with mouse, it turned out) in the Jordaan district.

I flew out from Exter "International" airport for the first time - what a joy. It must be like what flying used to be: friendly, cosy, easy-going and, best of all, tiny with no queues.
The little twin-prop plane had us there in no time.
On the first full day, three of us headed to the recently re-opened Van Gogh Museum, which was well worth the visit. All the old timers are there: Sunflowers, Irises, Self-Portraits, as well as many, many more, displayed chronologically. I have to say though that my favourites weren't the show-stopping, bazillion-pound paintings that everyone knows, but a couple of floral beauties:

After the museum it was time for a little wander round the city; Tasha (the one who lives there) took us through the Red Light District which was, erm, interesting but not the sort of place to linger and take photos.
These chaps were more photogenic anyway.

As you can see, we didn't enjoy particularly good weather, but then sun/heat + cities isn't my favourite combo so I didn't really mind the drizzle and grey skies.

Friday lunchtime (good timing, eh?!) we were signed up for a cheese-tasting session at the Reypenaer Shop and Tasting Room

We got to taste six different Dutch (of course) cheeses with wine and port; yum (although I discovered that I don't like port.) We were quite cheesed-out (cheesed off?!) by the end, but still managed to buy a couple of pieces to take home.

And then, what else to do when in Holland but visit the windmills?!

All too soon it was time to jump on another little plane and head west once more.
Great views along the Jurassic Coast on the flight home - that's Burton Bradstock top middle with West Bay just on the far right of the photo.
A lovely few days away.


  1. That plane wasn't being flown by a pilot doing his City & Guilds training was it?!?!?!
    Yes port is horrible, but cheese is good. I like the 2nd painting of the garden best.

  2. Haven't been to Amsterdam in literally ages, thanks for the pictures, would have loved the cheese tasting.


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