Wednesday, 10 July 2013


adjective: not or no longer needed or useful; superfluous

So, it would appear that I am on course to be made redundant! I've never been in this position before, having always resigned from any previous job:
my Saturday job in a greengrocer's when I was 15-16 (such a handy job to have since it means I can tell the difference between a turnip and a swede, still pretty accurately pick out a quarter of mushrooms [working in pounds & ounces, not those dratted kilo things] and do some quick adding up with a paper and pencil;
my job in a local convenience store when I was 17-18;
the job in John Menzies in Reading railway station on a Sunday all through university (I served Rolf Harris, Anton Rogers and members of the New Zeland rugby team during my time there, not to mention eating my bodyweight in Cadbury's Mini Eggs and other sweets that 'mysteriously' fell out of the bags...);
then there was the Christmas job in WHSmith's book department (loved that job);
then pretty much as soon as I finished university I got a job (firstly in the indexing department and then in the editorial department where I ended my time being Senior Editor) with the publishing company that I still work for (for the time being, at least). If I hadn't got bored after ten years and taken a break (to work in Monsoon, the University of Reading Library, to go travelling and to have a baby), I'd have been there for 18 years - wowzer, imagine the payout! But, I did take a break and only went back while pregnant (so I could get maternity allowance) and then again when DC was about five months old (confused yet?!); the job (I'm back to indexing) has been perfect for me since I've been able to work from home and it's all flexi-time so I can do an hour here or six hours there, all fitting around DC and his nursery days. But, alas and alack, all good things must come to an end and we are officially in the 'consultation period' where things are discussed, but all anyone really wants to know is 'How much money will I get?' What will the future hold? Well, the redundancy money isn't going to be a lifechanger, that's for sure. But does this enforced change offer me the opportunity to do something different? I'm really not sure. I need to think things through and come up with a plan. Alternatively, I'll not do any thinking and I'll just fall into something new at some point. Yes, that's more likely.


  1. Oh dear I'm sorry you've had this bad news Justine. I'm sure it will all work out in the end although a job to fit in around a little one is never easy, maybe take a little breather if you can. Good luck. x

  2. The year I retired from teaching (they can't make you redundant) they were offering a year's salary if you would take the retirement package. Though I was well under retirement age I took the money and ran. Love retirement.


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