Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sunday Stroll

On Sunday morning DC announced that he wanted to go and play Pooh sticks; he really is rather obsessed with the game at the moment. Until now playing Pooh sticks has involed getting in the car and driving to one of two locations where we know there is a bridge/stream combo, but this time we decided to venture out on foot (after hubby had consulted the local OS map), because surely, surely, surely there had to be a bit of running water nearby. So, out of the front door, turn right, along the road, turn left, cross over, off down the little path we call Gruffalo Alley, over the stile

and this wonderful view unfolds
Down the hill.
Come on, keep up.
Along the path.
Through this field (past the herd of cows; never sure whether to be nervous of them, or not.)

Stop to admire (and step in) the cow pats.

And finally find the bridge/stream combo that is perfect for Pooh sticks.
Play Pooh sticks, a lot
Have a little picnic.
 Commune with nature.
 Think they wanted to play Moo sticks?
Walk a bit further and find another Pooh stick-ready bridge/stream combo

Then head home.
With a little stop at the pub for a well-earned packet of crisps and a drink of cordial.

A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. Do you play Pooh sticks, too?


  1. Definitely, but the turtles keep thinking we're throwing them food.

  2. We used to play Pooh sticks, don't think I could persuade the 17 year old to do it now! That looks like a beautiful way to spend a sunny day, gorgeous views.

  3. I wonder at what age which playing Pooh sticks becomes acceptable again?!


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