Tuesday, 24 September 2013

An Apple (or Crate-load Thereof) a Day...

Sunday morning was deemed 'apple picking morning', so hubby had a root about in the garage and pulled out the apple crates and apple picker.

Along with our suitably dressed trusty helper we set about harvesting from the five trees that have produced LOTS of fruit this year. The other three apple trees haven't done much since they were only planted at the beginning of the year; lucky really.
Please don't report us to Social Services, he is wearing a hard hat after all...

Two crates full of cookers from Tree No. 1
Nearly a crate full of eaters from Tree No. 2 (plus  a half-eaten apple, and an egg from the chicken run.)
The final tally was three and a bit crates from Tree No. 1 (cookers)
Nearly a full crate from Tree No. 2 (eaters)
Nearly a full crate from Tree No. 3 (eaters)
A full crate from Tree No. 4 (undecided whether they are eaters or cookers)
A full crate from Tree No. 5 (cookers)
A large flower pot full of windfalls/other damaged cookers.
All in all, a lot of apples to deal with.
They are now stacked in the garage while we summon up the energy to peel, core, slice, freeze, and eat them.
And after all that excitement, we put our gladrags on and headed to a 1950s-style tea party. 

Hope you had a lovely Sunday too!

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  1. Oh dear, I see a whole lot of apple cooking in your future.
    The hard hat was good, but surely you should have padded the area under the tree, bolted the ladder so it couldn't tip over and had a spotter. LOL


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