Thursday, 5 September 2013

First Day at School!

Please allow me this indulgent post about my darling boy. It was his first day (technically half a day as they like to break them in gently, so it's half days only til the end of Sept) at school today. He was quietly excited, not talking about it much but happy to answer the question of 'Where are you going tomorrow?' with the cry 'Big School!'

We anticipated that getting him to wear the uniform would be the tricky and it was definitely the part that caused the biggest 'wobble' of the morning, or so I'm told. I was actually having a shower at the time and hubby was left with the task of encouraging a small boy who prefers to wear pyjama bottoms and long-sleeve t-shirts into grey trousers, a short-sleeved white (white? white? what fool thought that was a good colour for any part of a school uniform?!?) polo shirt and a navy sweatshirt. But, by the time I came downstairs, all was good in the world and this happy sight greeted me

Then we made the poor child stand by the front door for those obligatory first day of school photos. Fear not, I haven't put them all on here.

And a quick one while walking to school, with George the teddy who goes everywhere that DC goes.

We live just three doors away from the village school as well as being almost opposite the school playing field which means we are in a prime position to hear and see the children whenever they head up to play or have lunch at the field. And today was no exception. DC can just be made out carrying the green bag, in front of the garage doors.
You can also just about make him out at the front of the second group of children in this shot. Not that it's very interesting! 
When he came home at 12.50pm we couldn't get much out of him about whether he had enjoyed his day, what he had done, etc. 'Stop asking me questions, Mummy' or 'Stop talking, Mummy' was about all I got. Except for the classic as soon as he walked in the door: 'I like my school uniform'. Phew, at least that's one hurdle crossed then.

Where did those four years, five months and 16 days go, my sweet, kind, considerate, funny, sometimes grumpy, but still darling boy?


  1. He looks so grown up in his uniform. Hope he enjoyed his day.

    1. He loved it and, better still, has been happy to go back since!

  2. He is just the cutest little chap especially in that uniform!

  3. Lucky you live so close to school, mine had to ride a bus, I hated it, I wandered around waiting for her to come home, and then all the school years went so quickly.
    Your little boy is adorable!

    1. We are lucky to live so close - it certainly cuts down on the school run and petrol costs!


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