Saturday, 14 September 2013

Crafting in Progress

Since being made redundant I've found a little time to turn my hand to some crafting. I have a couple of friends who are celebrating milestone birthdays soon, so rather than shelling out £3+ each for a card I thought I'd make them using cross-stitch materials and card blanks that I already had in the house. Earning virtually no money a month (I need to tell you about the two little jobs that I've been offered and taken on since being made redundant, so that's why I'm earning a little, rather than nothing) is certainly focusing my mind on saving the pennies where I can.

So, here you go. Please excuse the poor photos, I'm tired after a day at the Frome Agricultural and Cheese Show (that will have to be another post) and the lighting in my office is rubbish.

Happy 40th Ms X
Happy 30th Mrs X
I know they're not fantastic, but at least some thought has gone into them. Hopefully the recipients will forgive the handcrafted nature and appreciate instead the time and effort involved (fingers, toes and other body parts crossed)... I may add a little embellishment in the form of a sparkly bead or two if I feel they need it in the cold light of day.

And while the creative juices were flowing, I decided to make a start on this. An advent calendar sewing kit from Buttonbag
Hubby dearest bought it for me for Christmas 2011. I'll let that sink in.
I think there was hope in his heart that it would be in use for Christmas 2012.
BUT, at least it will be fully operational for Christmas 2013. 
She says, ever the fantasist optimist.

 I am quietly hopeful that this goal will be achieved, mainly because I, along with two neighbours, have set up a Stitch, Bitch & Bake group in the village and my plan is to work on the advent calendar at our meetings. Surely that will galvanise me? Alternatively, I could spend all the time eating cakes and gossiping. I'll let you know after the first meeting...


  1. I am sorry to hear you were made redundant. You are handling it well though!

    1. Thank you! Things aren't too bad at the moment, I seem to be able to find plenty to keep me occupied.

  2. The cards are lovely Justine, all the nicer because they're handmade. I'd love to join your stitch, bitch and bake club - although I can only bitch and bake!

    1. Thank you.
      It's a pity you're so far away - we would be happy to have you as a SB&B member!

  3. I always prefer homemade to store bought and I'm sure your friends will too.
    I still have a caning kit (to redo a chair seat) that Mac gave me for Christmas about 5 years ago, I'm thinking about regifting it to him this Christmas.

    1. Caning sounds like hard work. You should definitely regift it!

  4. I'm sure they'll appreciate the time and love that has gone into them.
    Ooh can I join your Stitch, Bitch and Bake group!!


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