Saturday, 22 February 2014

Corners of Our Home: Downstairs

Continuing the very short series on random corners in our house; as with the upstairs shots, I snapped all these photos in one go, and didn't move anything for the camera - these are 'as is' shots, the good, the bad and the ugly.

This lovely old phone in the hallway; mind you, it takes ages to dial a number so it's best used just for answering calls rather than making them (although round these parts we still have five-digit phone numbers so it's not so bad if you're only making a local call.)
A corner of the windowsill in the hallway featuring (from left) a small wooden bowl which I bought in New York, a postcard depicting part of our village 'in the olden days', and a lovely wooden house complete with map of the area that my dear friend Rachel (of Lazyhill Gallery fame) made for us.
A pile of books on a chair in the corner of the snug which have nowhere to live since we sold the bookcase at the weekend.
The corner of the snug where the bureau and bookcase used to live, looking much lighter and brighter these days.
A lovely bookcase but it's looking rather untidy with that great big photocopy of an aerial photo of our village balanced on top and an unsightly pile of DC's books and comics on the second shelf.
I know it's all part of the joys of having a small child, but the 'pirate ship' cardboard box is hardly a thing of beauty. Not to mention the garish letter and number foam floor tiles stacked by the sofa. Admittedly, I'm to blame for the latter as I got them out of the cupboard and haven't found anywhere else for them to live, yet.
As above - part of the joys of having a small boy child is the basket of swords, shields, bow, arrows and other assorted weaponry; oh, how my OCD nerves jangle when I look at this. Luckily, in real life I don't tend to notice it too much as it's tucked behind the dining table so it's not in my line of vision.
There you have it, some random downstairs corners that you might never otherwise see on here.


  1. Some lovely corners Justine, and I do like the basket of swords. Having three boys, I can see the potential for sword-wielding joy. It really is a basket of fun.

    1. A basket of fun is a lovely way of looking at it! Thank you for seeing the positive!

  2. I love these kinds of post Justine. I love the telephone, but we used to have those foam floor tiles and the drove me mad scattered all around the house!

  3. I've really enjoyed seeing the different corners of your home - it looks such a lovely, cosy place.


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