Thursday, 13 February 2014

What's On My Bedside Table

After the handbag post, I thought I'd continue the (short and relatively unheard of) series dedicated to those who love to have a bit of a nosey around. And so without further ado, please may I present to you my bedside table. Please, do have a sit down and have a drink of water if the excitement is too much for you.

When we first moved in I was using a small table as my bedside table, but I really wanted something more substantial and with more storage options. One day, when I was driving through Beaminster I decided, on a whim, to park the car and pop in to a shop selling vintage, upcycled, etc furniture and the like. And, like the handbag, fate had stepped in because there in that very shop was exactly the sort of bedside table I had been yearning for. Made from oak (I believe) in a gorgeous warm shade, smooth to the touch and the perfect size with both a drawer and cupboard for storage. If I remember rightly, I did hand over the best part of £50 for this beauty; no doubt at a car boot sale or in a charity shop I'd have got it for much less, but I was happy to pay the price to get my hands on this lovely.
 Let's take a little peak inside that drawer, shall we? Clockwise from the top: brush, hairbands, glasses case, bamboo box with nothing in it, Winnie the Pooh tin containing hair grips that I never use, pumice stone, nail clippers, tub of foot cream, tube of lip balm, packet of tissues, small tub of lip balm, hand cream, comb. You can see why I needed a bedside table with storage.
And inside the cupboard section. Top shelf: old camera (the sort that needs a film - shock horror!), box at the back with assorted junk that I really need to get rid of, wooden box containing odd bits of currency left over from trips overseas. Bottom shelf: selection of magazines awaiting perusal.
 And sitting there underneath: a pair of trainers.
And on top we have: a selection of books, read, reading and to-be-read (plus a random hairband).
Digital alarm clock. Love this little chap, he makes it easy for me to listen to R2. Please ignore the dust, it's not cleaning day til tomorrow...
Lamp. When I bought this one and his matching friend I loved them. Now I no longer love them but they will stay until we find suitable (read: fantabulous but at the same time reasonably priced) replacements.
And last, but most importantly, the books. From the bottom:
The Hare With the Amber Eyes - lent to me by my next door neighbour but as yet unread
A Tale of Two Cities - a Book Club book from last year; I'm about half way through and struggling, but I will not be defeated (however, it's taken me so long to read it that I have no idea what the story is)
Raising Boys - something to dip in and out of; clearly if I don't read it, DC will grow up to be a dysfunctional adult, so I'd better guilt myself into reading it sooner rather than later
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - just finished it, need to review it
French Pressed - current read, cosy crime
So there you have it - that's my bedside table. Care to show me yours?


  1. A lovely little table, how nice to see all of your reads. I've been thinking long and hard about the psychology of my big old bag since your bag post! Still can't give it up though. But I'm really aware of how old and tatty it is. It's a comfort bag!

    1. A comfort bag! Everyone has one. I must admit it took me a while to give up the bag I was previously using and swap over to the 'fancy' bag.

  2. I think we all like to have a bit of a nosey around - and cleaning day is always 'tomorrow' in this house !!

    1. Oh yes, I love being nosey, it's definitely one of my favourite past times, along with people watching (which is the same thing, I suppose.)

  3. Love the bedside table. Looking forward to your review of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil seeing as it's about Savannah.

    1. Hoping to get round to the review soon!


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