Thursday, 25 September 2008

Eating For Two

Yes sireee, being pregnant is indeed a great excuse to eat whatever you like and not really worry about it (just so long as all those food groups are covered and there's a vague attempt to eat the five portions of fruit & veg each day.) But my tastebuds are all over the shop. I'm not saying I have a craving for coal, crayons or bath sponges but honestly, I wonder who these "two" I'm eating for really are cos they are weird. It's 11am and so far today I've eaten a fig yoghurt (tick for calcium), a sausage roll (hmm, tick for pastry if that's a food group and pig snout, trotters, tails and all the other lovely bits that go into sausagemeat - ah yes, let's call that a tick for protein) and a handful of Revels - that's a tick for chocolate (which is, beyond all doubt, one of the most important food groups) and fruit because one of the Revels I ate was an orange cream and that's got to count toward my five portions, hasn't it?

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  1. I still claim that when I was preggers with my first, I was pregnant with triplets. My daughter, Ben and Jerry. Unfortunately, Ben and Jerry moved from my belly to my butt after Marshall moved out! lol


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