Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Mysterious Art of Blood-Letting

Today I had an appointment with the midwife. This is only my second meeting with said midwife; the first being 8 weeks ago when she took what seemed like 4 pints of blood from me to send off for various tests. So today I got the results of these tests and I am glad to report that my platelet and haemaglobin levels are good and I am not suffering from syphilis - well, that's a relief! Unfortunately, there was a "mix up" with some of my blood which meant that my blood group remains a mystery and also meant that I had to give up another cylinder of the red stuff to be sent off for the test. Then it transpired that the blood pressure machine wasn't working properly and she ended up taking the reading three times, by the end of which I had a slightly raised reading - not surprising when you feel like your arm is about to drop off from that ever-tightening cuff. But, best of all at this appointment hubby & I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time - ahhh, how cute. And how weird and scary that there is another life form with a beating heart in my tummy!

Not content with giving away my blood wily-nily to the midwife, I then suffered from a nosebleed when I got to work. How very random; I've not had a nosebleed in years. However, I felt much better not long after as we had a 'Company Lunch' which consisted of about 20 Pizza Express pizzas laid out on the boardroom table. Perhaps working for a living isn't so bad after all!

Talking of working for a living - hubby is happily ensconced at the country retreat today "working from home". Ah, what a happy chappy he is because he doesn't have to go to the office, and what a happy wifey I am since I know the washing has been pegged on the line, the dishwasher has been emptied and the living room will have been tided by the time I get home. I think all husbands should be allowed one day a week "working from home".

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  1. I am so Totally with you on that one, I could use SOMEONE working from the house for a day or two to give me a break! lol.

    I know what you mean about the blood thing. about every two months I basically have to hook up to a bucket while the drain me to test all sorts of things that they later can say "we aren't really sure what this means" It really is LOVELY! lol

    Glad to hear that syphilis will not be a problem for you and little brit baby! :-)


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