Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Crafty New Book

I've had a WhSmith gift card burning a hole in my pocket since receiving it for my birthday at the end of November. This morning I had a few minutes spare in the Henley-on-Thames branch of Smith's after dropping DC at nursery. I ummed and ahhed over the fiction section, even going so far as to pick up a few novels and read the back covers. But a little voice in my head said 'What about the 100+ unread books already on your shelves at home?' So I put them back. Then I dithered around a bit more before chancing upon the 'craft' section (approx 2 shelves worth.) Cross stitching? Maybe. Card making? Maybe. Flower arranging? No. And then, tucked away between some big, burly hardbacks, I found this little gem

I know it's not exactly seasonal, but I thought if I knit one figure a month then by Christmas I'll have a lovely little nativity scene. Then I can set about teaching DC how to play the part of Joseph in preparation for all those years when, with his angelic looks, he's bound to be chosen as the leading man. Alternatively, there's always the back end of the 'ass'.

A mother can dream.

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