Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Thinking of Installing Revolving Doors

We had some fabulous news yesterday - planning permission has been granted for the work at our house in Somerset! Phew, that's a weight off our minds. Would have been a bit disheartening to have it refused and have to re-do and resubmit the plans. So, it's full steam ahead. The architect now has to draw up the building regs and the structural engineering plans (or something like that!) and then in mid-February he'll be putting the building work out to tender with a view to everything starting at the beginning of April. (Which seems ages away - why can't these things go more quickly?!)

So, that's the news on the Somerset house. As to the Reading house, well that went on the market officially last Tuesday. The estate agent had been very quietly marketing it before Christmas and we had three viewings in December. This week has been really full-on though - second viewing on Saturday, two viewings on Monday, one yesterday and another today - hence the need for the revolving doors! The great news is that the man who had the second viewing on Saturday made an offer! The bad news is that it's £5k below the asking price (which isn't that bad really), but he has yet to sell his own house so can't actually do anything until he does. But it's a start!

So, if you know anyone in the market for a lovely house in Reading, here's the link!

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