Friday, 28 January 2011

A Pleasant Hour

New magazine which plopped through the letterbox just this lunchtime? check.

Mug of coffee (Starbucks Christmas blend)? check.

Box of lovely biscuits? check.

All sorts of rubbish on the Sky+ box ready to watch? check.

House to myself while hubby and DC go swimming? check.

All is good (for an hour or so!)
What would be on your 'check' list if you had an hour to yourself?


  1. excellent....I looked to see what new magazines were out today so I shall buy Homes and Antiques on Sunday....I read it while my husband watches football....

  2. ohh so lovely sounding. Friday is supposed to be my quiet home in the morning by myself but sadly today was a no school day.

    My magic time would include-tea with honey and milk, fruit and nut or walkers biscuits, 25 beautiful homes (but i have not read that one yet and will have to look when I am over next) and craft show son public television.

  3. That magazine definately! I love housy magazines, i like to


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