Friday, 6 May 2011

Catch-Up: THE Wedding and the Frome Vintage Bazaar

We celebrated the Royal Wedding by joining some of the villagers in the local pub to watch the ceremony. The only problem was that DC, being just two, didn't really have much interest in watching the tv (would have been different, of course, had they been showing back-to-back episodes of Chuggington) so our viewing wad slightly interrupted and curtailed. And even now, over a fortnight on, we've still not had a chance to sit down and watch the highlights recorded that evening (worse still is that the recording clashed, missing the first 30mins which was probably the best bit where all the 'celebrity' guests were arriving. Looks like I'll have to wait for a secondhand copy of Hello to arrive from Granny before I can disect the outfits). For what it's worth, I thought Kate's dress was pretty, but nothing special and sort of an odd shape at waist/hip level, and I thought her bouquet could have been a little larger or just a bit more 'wow' - it seemed a bit lost amidst the grandeur of it all.

After watching what we could of the wedding we made a crown for King Arthur! And doesn't he look absolutely delighted to be wearing it? Not.

He was a bit happier the next day.

In the afternoon it was back up to the high street for the Street Party, complete with live band, skittles, tug-of-war and a hog roast - this is what village life is all about!

On Saturday we went to Frome for the Vintage Bazaar. I'm so pleased that we can go to these now that we live much closer (we're now about a 45min drive away); also I'd never been to Frome before so it was a great chance to explore a town that I've seen featured on other blogs (most notably HenHouse).

The Vintage Bazaar was great and we spent nearly two hours at the Cheese and Grain browsing the stalls as well as refreshing ourselves with a hot drink and a cake each. Hubby bought a wooden trug and I bought a printer's tray in which I will be able to display countless tiny dust-collecting items plus a seersucker tablecloth which reminded me of my Gran's house - all we need is a bowl of pickled onions on the table and I'll be transported right back to the 1970s. Bliss!

After the Bazaar we had a good old wander round Frome, and in particular Catherine Hill where there are some wonderful vintage, antique and retro stores, as well as interiors and clothes shops and cafes galore. Cheap Street, which has a water course running down the middle and is apparently one of Europe's best-preserved Medieval shopping streets, is also lovely, again with some great shops and cafes; I was particularly taken by the frontage of this glorious bookshop.

Then it was time to go head back to our lovely village.

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  1. The street party looked a great success, isnt it lovely when people come together to make a special day.

    Frome looks fab, got a week off end of may so will definately have to visit, thinking of Sherborne aswell.

    Good luck with the renovations

    Vicki :)


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