Monday, 9 May 2011

A Week With Granny

On Sunday of last week my mum came to stay to help out with looking after the DC who was only doing a couple of mornings at nursery as part of his settling in period.

On Tuesday, mum, DC and I went to Sherborne, which is now only about a 30min drive away. Such a lovely town, with some great shops. And, a fab bonus is that my cousin Christine and her husband Charlie live there so we got to spend time with them (although only briefly with Charlie as he was at work). We walked down the hill and stopped for ice cream at the deli visited by Daniel Craig at Christmas when he was staying in the area - perhaps I touched the same crackers as he did, or bought the same sausages. Then it was time to walk back up the hill and drive home.

On Wednesday and Thursday DC went to nursery for the morning, giving me the chance to do some work and Granny the chance to recover from all the football she'd been having to play. The drive to nursery is a little more scenic than it used to be, and there's certainly a lot less traffic than we used to have to contend with - the drive now takes 15mins max whereas it used to take about 25mins and that was only if we made sure we'd left the house by 7.40am at the latest. Now we can set off any time and the drive takes the same amount of time.

unless we get stuck behind a tractor...
Thursday afternoon DC and I went to the lovely swings in the village; DC enjoyed the swingsand the slide (try not to lose another tooth, sweetheart...) while I appreciated the gorgeous views out over the surrounding countryside. As we walked back through the village to meet Daddy and Granny at the village tearoom, we happened upon this horse and cart delivering some stone for a roof repair - when we moved down this way, I had no idea we were moving back in time too.

On Saturday we had a lovely day in Bridport and Abbotsbury and then on Sunday we went to the antiques fair at Shepton Mallet, where I bought three French chrome (?) storage tins; saw lots of other lovely things but couldn't spare the hundreds of pounds needed to buy them all...

DC thought his first visit to an antiques fair was cooooool.

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  1. Hi Justine sounds like you are all settling in beautifully to your new life in the country!!!
    can't wait to see how things are progressing with the house!!!


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