Monday, 16 May 2011

What's the Buzz?

Last Monday I started my new job at Lazyhill Gallery in Abbotsbury, which is owned by my very good friends Rachel and Gordon. They have decided that I can be trusted with the stock - all of which is handmade in the UK - and with the customers, once a week. So, if you happen to be passing by, or if you're in the vicinity and it's Monday, pop in and say hello! But don't ask me any tricky questions about where the bus stop to Lyme Regis is, or whether it's possible to drive down to Chesil Beach from here, because I'm afraid I don't know the answer. You can, however, ask me what 'giclee' or 'collograph' means.

Lots of lovely things - cards, prints, ceramics, jewellery, bags, scarves - from Snapdragon, Sumptuosity, Cowboys & Custard, Rupert Blamire, Mary Sutton, Stop the Clock Designs, to name but a few of the wonderful designers, crafters and makers who are stocked.

On a completely different note, how's about this for lucky timing. On Friday afternoon DC & I had gone to the swings and were set to meet hubby in our local tea room, Dorothy's, for ice cream/coffee/cake. DC & I got there at 4pm and waited and waited and then we had to leave because DC was being a complete tinker banging his toy cars on the table and shouting and I was getting very embarrassed and more than a little flustered. As I dumped DC uncermoniously in his pram with a sharp "No ice cream for you, young man", who should appear round the corner, walking side by side with a lady in a beekeeping suit, but hubby. As he was making his way to meet DC & I so hubby had come across the bee lady collecting a swarm which had made a home on the side of the vet's practice. Hubby asked what she was going to do with the bees, to which the lady said she wasn't sure but she'd have to get rid of them somewhere. Well, what luck as hubby had just set up his hive and was in need of a swarm; so off they trotted down the road, hubby, the bee lady and the swarm of bees to the hive at the bottom of our garden, and we now have the beginnings of a honey-making production line!


  1. A hive of activity here, excuse the pun! hehe ;0)x love the Lazyhill gallery images! lovely blog ;0)x

  2. Hi Justine,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog and how interesting to hear you have moved West, you lucky thing! I think we'll probably bump into you one of these days...
    Hope you are enjoying village life.
    Hen x


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