Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Start of Our New Life in Somerset

We enjoyed a couple of relaxing days in Wigan with Grandma and Grandad. It was lovely to be reunited with DC and he seemed genuinely pleased and excited to see us too, which was a great feeling. On Monday we went to Cedar Farm Gallery where they keep a few animals - sheep, chickens, pigs - which always amuse DC, and they have a great selection of craft shops (Julie Langan's workshop is there too) a cafe, and a coffee shop. On the way back we stopped off for lunch at the fabulous Yours is the Earth cafe/deli in Parbold, and we then dropped hubby off at the Honda garage to pick up our very brand spanking new car. Ooooo, how we likey likey!
On Tuesday morning we went into Wigan to make the most of our vicinity to the high-street stores which we might not find out in the countryside! First stop was the O2 phone shop where I swapped my contract from Orange due to the latter not having much signal strength in deepest south Somersetshire; then it was on to M&S where we piled the trolley high in anticipation of there being no food available in rural parts... The final stop was Starbucks, in anticipation... you get the picture! Then it was time to load up the cars, say goodbye to Grandma and Grandad and set off for Somerset. Now that we take a new route home from Wigan, we were able to call in and se Granny in Bristol on the way through, a good opportunity for DC to play football with Granny and for us to have a drink, a bite to eat and a bit of a rest. Then it was onwards and southwards, and time for DC to see his new home (for the next six months or so) for the first time. Luckily he didn' seem too fazed to find his cot, toys, clothes, teddies in an entirely new setting, and he went to bed and his normal time with the minimum of fuss; he woke once in the night with a little shout out to us, but once reassured that Mummy and Daddy were nearby went back to sleep til 8am the following morning.

Welcome to Somerset!

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  1. We moved to deepest darkest Cornwall (9 miles from Lands End) nearly two years ago now and some of your post are bringing back memories! GOOD LUCK!!
    I too used to live near BIG shops and Starbucks etc - I have to say I don't miss them (I really thought I would), in fact now I get quite overwhelmed when I go to big malls etc now. I wasn't sure about shopping "local" at first, but we love it now and I have to say in "most" cases it is cheaper (as you only tend to buy what you need)
    Take Care


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