Thursday, 2 August 2012

House Renovation. One Year On. 02.08.12

Here's a shot of what would become the kitchen, featuring my Mum and DC, on Tuesday the 2nd of August 2011. The walls and ceiling are freshly plasterd and shiney-bright. The floor leaves a little to be desired.
And here's the same space today, Thursday the 2nd of August 2012. Kitchen installed, walls and ceiling painted, lights fitted, oak flooring in place, temporary 'island unit' in situ.
And just round the corner in the living area, again featuring DC, on Tuesday 2nd August 2011. You can see the plaster drying on the far wall in this shot.
And the same space today, Thursday 2nd August 2012. Walls and ceiling are painted, lights are fitted and the entire contents of Toys'R'Us have been dumped in the room. Joy.

Out in the hallway; that's the door into the snug on Tuesday 2nd August 2011.

Same view today; looks a little tidier with the walls painted and the oak flooring fitted, not to mention some furniture and flowers (those are just a few of the Japanese anenomes that we hacked back this weekend.)
Let's take a wander upstairs; the first room on the left at the top of the stairs is the larger of the spare rooms. This is the view from inside the room looking out to the landing on Tuesday 2nd August 2011. Those odd bits of fabric in the photo are old curtains protecting the bed frame.
And today, Thursday 2nd August 2012. Looks much better with paint, carpets and even pictures on the landing wall.

Here's a shot into the bathroom this time last year. Some nice electrical wires hanging from the ceiling and a hole in the wall awaiting the fan/vent thingy.

Here's the bathroom today. Painted, tiled, bathroom suite fitted, but the shaving socket bothers me and will continue to do so until we come up with a mess-free, and non-costly way of moving/removing it. Grr.
This is the view out of the bathroom door last year. Note the spindles in the bannisters have yet to be fitted: HEALTH AND SAFETY ALERT!!!

 And today; phew, the spindles are in place and we are safe.

Here's a shot of our bedroom on Tuesday 2nd August 2011. The electrical wires are hanging from the ceiling, but at least there's a coat of pain on the walls!
And today; the lights are fitted and the furniture is in place.
And here's a not-very-often-seen view of our bedroom, looking out from the far corner by the window towards the door. That's my mum and aunty having a look in and DC hanging around by the decorator's stuff probably wondering what mischief he can get up to.

And today; looks much tidier since the decorator took all his junk away. You can see a couple of wallpaper swatches tucked behind the mirror; we're debating whether to put some colour into this room in the form of wallpaper on the wall behind the bed. Those are both Cath Kidston papers; but we've decided against the one on the left as it's a bit girly/childish (can't find a link to it on the CK website, so I wonder if it's been discontinued.) The one at the top is still a contender, although it's difficult to decide from such a small piece (it's this one, in case you want to see a larger image.)
This is the view from our bedroom through to the ensuite with our wardrobes either side of the door, on Tuesday 2nd August 2011.

And the same view today, Thursday 2nd August 2012. Slightly more useful to have doors on the wardrobes to keep the clutter out of site and dust-free.
A close-up of the sink in the ensuite, before the tiles were fitted, but after the walls had been painted.
And today; the walls are painted, the tiles are fitted, the towel radiator is in, there's a mirror and a cabinet on the wall, the flooring is down and the mess has landed.
Another view of the ensuite, looking from where the shower is across to the other side of the room. The white walls made such a difference to brightening up this space.

And here's the ensuite today; the flooring has helped brighten the space and the tat makes me feel right at home.
Here's a corner of DC's room on Tuesday 2nd August 2011, with the first coat of paint on the ceiling and walls.

And today, with more coats of paint, curtains, lightshade, wardrobe, toy cupboard, etc, etc.
And the opposite corner of the room, this time last year:
And today:
And here's some work in progress on the bannister/spindles, this time last year.
And today; much better with a coat of white paint (and some carpet.)
And finally, the freshly plastered ceiling leading down from the third floor.
And today; painted, with some art work on the walls and a radiator on the landing. Oh, and a cactus in a mug in place of the hammer balanced on the windowsill. Interior design reaches new heights.

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