Friday, 3 August 2012

House Renovation. One Year On. 03.08.12 (late, grrr!)

I thought I'd left this as a "scheduled"post to publish while I was away on Friday. Obviously I did something wrong as I've just noticed it didn't post. So my apologies for this being late.
I'm getting a bit bored of writing the same description again and again on rooms that you've now see countless times so I'm going to try for a briefer resume this time.

Back wall of living room/kitchen extension on Wednesday 3rd August 2011 (a.k.a 'before') 

Same spot on Friday 3rd August 2012 (a.k.a. 'after')

Other wall of living area before:

And after:

Kitchen area (with door through to garage, which will one day become a utility/boot/shower room [when we win the lottery]) before:
And after:

Doorway into snug before:
And after: (I love this shot, the ampersand is one of my favourite bits of wall decor in the entire house)
Chimney breast/fireplace in snug before:

And after:
Large wall in snug before (Wednesday 3rd of August 2011):
And after (today, Friday 3rd August 2012):

Bottom section of bannister spindles being fitted:

And now:

Bannisters on landing 'during':
Bannisters on landing after:

Wide angle shot of same spot 'during':
And after:

Large wall in guest room before:

And after:

A.N.other wall in guest room before:

And after:

Bathroom before:
And after:

Another angle before:

And after:

More bannister shots, before:
And after:

Wardrobes in our bedroom before:

And after:

'My' wardrobe before:
And after (slightly different angle, but you get the idea):

 Phew, things are really coming along apace with the renovation; would you believe it was still another two months before we got to move in?

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