Thursday, 9 August 2012

House Renovation. One Year On. 05.08.12

Apologies for the few days delay on this one, but the excitement of the Olympics took over!

Anyhoo, back to it. Here's the living area on Friday the 5th of August 2011. As you can probably tell, the carpenter was in the middle of putting the kitchen units together and they had migrated somewhat across the room.

 And the same space on Sunday 5th August 2012. 
Before: same space, wider angle.

Why does this room always look such a mess? It just looks like there is 'stuff' everywhere. In reality it's not quite so bad (even if the camera never lies) because there is actually space in between the 'stuff' that doesn't seem to show up in photos. Here it just looks like a sea of stuff from wall to wall. Urggh.
Before: Kitchen pipework and electrics in place.
After: kitchen units, worktops, sink, etc, etc in place.

Before: the snug. 
Before: bannisters up from hallway to half-landing
 After. Much lighter and brighter. 
Before: the smaller of the spare rooms.

After. A work in progress really, as we just can't decide how to use this room. At the moment it's a bit of a dumping ground/extra guest room.

Before: stairs up to our offices.

After: what a difference some carpet and paint can make.

Before: my office 
After: yes, it is a trifle messy, I agree, but ignore that and notice how the horrendous flourescent ceiling light has been replaced by lovely spotlights...

Before: hubby and his office.
Looks like he's doing the okey cokey. All together now, you put your right arm in, your right arm out, in, out...
After: and hubby has the cheek to say my office is messy...

Before: bannisters on landing.

After: lighter, brighter and a great place to dry towels... Plus the bookcase looks nice in the background (even if I do say so myself.)

Before: trying to decide from just one small sample tile whether we like the colour for the bathroom sink splashback

After: well, we did like the colour, so we went for it. Fired Earth Retro Metro in Limehouse, in case you were wondering.
Before: trying to decide from an even smaller sample, whether we liked the flooring option. Can you even see the tiny piece we had to look at?
Here it is in close-up! Not sure it could have been any smaller.

After: yes, we went for it. It was pretty much a given as I've wanted this flooring (Cath Kidston Rose Sprig, available from here) ever since I first spied it in a magazine. We were lucky that when we decided to order it there was a discount voucher in BBC Homes and Antiques magazine for the entire range - it was clearly meant to be!

Before: toilet and bath (plus tiny flooring sample.)

After: fully-functioning and with a lovely floor!

Before: trying to decide whether the same tiles could work as a splashback in the ensuite.

After: yes, they could - made life a lot easier having the same tiles and flooring in both bathroom areas.

And that's it for today; tune in soon for another update.


  1. I dry things over my bannisters too! The bookcase does look good.

  2. Lovely! I have office envy. Mine is in a tiny box room, just as well I don't have a cat to swing!!


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