Wednesday, 15 August 2012

House Renovation. One Year On. 11.08.12

Come in, come in. Except you can't come in because there's no front door, just a piece of wood secured with a couple of other bits of wood. Doesn't our hallway look simply divine on Thursday the 11th of August 2011...

It's looking a little better one year on: Saturday the 11th of August 2012.
Before shot of the kitchen, from the dining area.

And after.

Before shot of the kitchen, from the living area.

And after.

Wider angle before shot.

Aider angle after shot.

Before shot of the ceiling - with some paint around the lights. Oh, the excitement!

After; with paint all over.

Before shot of the kitchen, with the lights switched on for the first time.

After: with no lights on. But they do work, honest.

Before shot of the bathroom sink with the splashback finished.

After: that window looks like the sort of 'light' people who have nearly died say they see...

Wider angle before shot of the bathroom with the tiling complete and the wiring for the lights a-dangling; plus a hole in the wall where the extractor fan will be fitted.

After: the lights are no longer a-dangling, we have an extractor fan, and a toilet seat. Right posh, aren't we?

Before shot of the tiling in the bath area - pre-grout.

When we went back the same evening, all of the grouting was done. The tiler was pretty speedy and did everything by eye - no matchsticks or tile spacers required.




Before shot of the finished splashback in the ensuite.

After. Complete with yours truly in the mirror.

Close-up before shot of splashback.

After; doesn't look very different except that the sink is marginally cleaner.

Before: tiled shower cubicle.

After: tres cluttered.

And here's the staircase leading up to our offices, before.


Before: hubby's office with the new lights nearly installed and the slightly flatter ceiling.
And after.

My office before - lights/flatter ceiling as per hubby's office.

After. a LOT messier.

And one final before shot, looking back down the office stairs.

And after. Much brighter with the handrail and newel post painted in white gloss paint. Not to mention some carpet.

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  1. It's really lovely, you've done so much in a year. x


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