Friday, 15 March 2013

Hallway Switcheroo

In the early days of living in this house, this is what one side of the hallway looked like (those are 'welcome to your new home' cards on the table, which just goes to show that we plonked the table there early on.)
After a while the large mirror got swapped out for the more art deco influenced one that is still on the wall  now.
And then the jug arrived.
And here it is at Hallowe'en, with the paper bats I made.
But then we got to thinking: up in my office was a bureau that didn't really fit the space properly and which we had considered selling; at the same time it was beginning to occur to me that actually the table in the hall was a little on the small side. As a first step we moved the bureau from my office to the fourth bedroom, but it didn't look right. And then we shuffled and shifted and heaved it down the second flight of stairs and popped it in the hallway, in the space where the table had stood. Et voila:
It fits like a glove and fills the space so much better than the table did; the bureau has a lot more presence (if that doesn't sound too pretentious) and the warm colour of the wood fits with the other pieces of furniture on the other side of the hallway.
The bus stop sign was a birthday pressie from me to hubby which I found at one of the Frome Vintage Bazaars. It probably hasn't found its final resting place yet, but I kind of like it propped there for now.


  1. You have a lovely wide hallway, I'm very envious! The bureau looks fab and I love the art deco mirror. And it's so tidy, where is the pile of dumped bags/boots/coats/pe kit?!

  2. You're right it does have presence. Very nice.

  3. I love the bureau and it does fit well in your entryway----loved the bats flying!


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