Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Big Four, Oh My.

My little bundle of joy turned four today.
Here he is just a few hours old, on the first day of Spring 2009.
Here is at one year (and one day); I can't seem to find any photos of his first birthday, waaah! I know I took plenty, but where they are is a mystery.
Turning two.
And this morning, four years old.
Happy Birthday lovely boy, the little chap who brightens my day by saying 'Mummy, you're pretty' (well trained) and makes me laugh with things like:
'I love your coffee, it's fantastic.'
 'No, don't wipe my nose; put the snot back'
'I'm tired; it's been a long day'
'These potatoes are complicated'
'Don't have too much sugar or your tummy will get big and pop like a balloon'
and my all-time favourite (so far), pointing to John Lewis: 'Mummy, is that the shop where we live?'


  1. Happy Birthday little chap! I hope it's a good day for all. Love his little sayings.... obviously you need to curb your John Lewis habit then!

  2. Lol he's obviously pretty sharp. Hope he had a good Birthday.


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