Friday, 8 March 2013

Photo uploading issue resolved (for the time being)

A couple of months ago, I mentioned not being able to upload any photos to this blog. Apparently I had reached my limit for adding/storing photos for free (1GB). Apart from paying to upload photos, the only solution seemed to be to use Flickr (or probably any other photo storage site I suppose), so that's what I started doing.

Unfortunately, it was a long drawn out process to upload my photos from iPhone to computer, from computer to Flickr and from Flickr to Blogger, hence my blog posts became slightly fewer and further between. However, I recently had another go at simply uploading photos in the old-fashioned way and it worked!

As far as I can see, Blogger/Google don't give any explanation of their storage limit - ie they don't say whether it's an annual limit or a forever limit, and they don't give any tips on how to delete photos to get some of your storage space back. I can only assume, since I'm now back to uploading the old-fashioned way, that it is indeed an annual limit and I plan to be a little more careful with the number of photos I upload to ensure my limit lasts the whole year. I must admit to not being a big fan of Flickr, although it did serve a purpose and for that I must be grateful.

Has anyone else who had the same issue now found that it is resolved?

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  1. Yes! Victoria at Florence & Mary told me she had tried again after a gap of several weeks and it seemed to work - so I tried and the same thing. Like you, I assume it must be an annual limit and will be more selective with the photos I post (if I can actually get around to doing a post.)


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