Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Bumpier and bumpier

The bump just keeps on growing. Which is only to be expected I suppose. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday at which I was told the baby is 'measuring' 27 weeks (I'm only 25 weeks pregnant), but I did wonder if those extra weeks might just be the extra inches that I carry round my tummy - I mean, how can you tell if it's baby or fat? Anyway, I don't mind if the baby decides to arrive two weeks earlier than we are expecting (3rd March), although I might still be at work which could come as a bit of a shock to my poor colleagues should my waters happen to break in the tea room, for example. There's already been talk of who would be the best person to deal with an 'at work' birth and, funnily enough, no one seems too keen to put themselves forward as midwife. Anyway, just so long as the baby doesn't decide to be two weeks larger and arrive two weeks later, thus actually making it a month of extra baby (if that makes sense) for me to squeeze out. OUCH.

Anyway, these are a couple of pics from the 20 week scan - apologies for the delay in posting them. Baby doesn't look any different to the first scan at 12 weeks, from what I can tell. Although, of course, at this scan they were able to determine the sex - can you tell what it is yet??!!

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