Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Yey! It's Bonfire Night

How exciting. Hubby informs me he popped in to Tesco and bought us some fireworks; I think he is in training for being a Dad since putting on shambolic firework displays is something that Dads have to do. I hope he's bought some sparklers.

Hopefully the fireworks will put hubby in a better mood than the one he was in earlier. He had to go back to the hospital with his hurty finger for a 10.30am appointment and he didn't get seen until after midday. Not a happy bunny. I don't know if it's all hospitals or just ours that is particularly rubbish, but you have to wonder how they can get that far behind so early in the day. Although, when I went for an 8.30am appointment a couple of weeks back I didn't get seen until 8.45am even though I was the first appointment of the day. So, if they manage to start the clinics 15 mins late you can see how it all starts going horribly wrong later on in the morning.

And on a completely different note - we thought the new Bond film was a big pile of pants. Totally unfathomable plot (if, indeed, there was a plot), rubbish theme tune, no immortal 'The name is Bond, James Bond' line. There weren't even any lingering shots of Daniel Craig in his swimming trunks. What good is that??

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