Wednesday, 12 November 2008

We Apologise for the Interruption

Did you miss me? I've been in non-blogging mode (or should that be mood?) for an entire week. I was struck down on Thursday with a rather nasty stomach bug which, according to the doctor, was either food poisoning or a viral infection; still haven't figured out which it was. The stomach cramps were horrid and I did say to hubby at one point 'If this is what labour's like, I don't think I can do it'. Ouch. Bring on the general anaesthetic now.

Prior to being felled by said bug, on Weds evening hubby and I enjoyed a short, damp firework display of the 'blink and you'll miss it' variery, which is about all you can expect when you only spend £5 on an entire box of fireworks. Still, we enjoyed ourselves!

In between bouts of illness, on Saturday morning we went house-hunting. Tres exciting. We saw five houses and liked all of them in different ways. Typically the one we really fell for was the least practical, so we have not allowed our hearts to rule our heads and have thus discounted it from the running. A couple of the others were also discounted for various reasons, leaving just two, one of which we went back to see for a second time today, wearing our 'property developer' hats. Funnily enough, first time round this was probably our least favourite house mostly due to the decor but this time, seeing past the woodchip wallpaper, garish colour scheme and garden shed done up to resemble a pub, we rather warmed to the place. Watch this space...

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