Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Today is the day when this (that's my bump, by the way)

is supposed to miraculously (and painlessly) transform itself in to one of these (hopefully one that sleeps a lot, as per photo.)

So that means baby is due today; although baby doesn't seem very aware of this fact...

I've eaten two curries in 48 hours (dhansak being the hottest I can manage) and am making my way slowly through a pineapple as the enzyme bromelain found in pineapples is meant to encourage labour; I even discovered some tablets in Boots that are the pure form of bromelain and so I'm also popping those, all to no avail. I've even tried performing star jumps, but apart from looking like an ungainly elephant doing circus tricks, that didn't work. It would seem that all the methods of allegedly inducing labour are simply old wives tales and baby will just come out when the time is right. Still quite a few hours left of actual due date, so who knows if this one might be one of the 5% of babies who arrive on time. Hubby seems to think that the baby will take after me and arrive late; it's true that I never seem to be able to get anywhere on time. But then again, hubby is a lot more of a stickler for time-keeping so perhaps DC will take after him. I'll keep you posted...

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  1. I walked and walked and walked...Marshall was 4 days late, but I am pretty sure that it was more like a month, by the way I felt. Just enjoy these last few days as hard as that may be. Curl up on the couch, watch movies with Nathan, and enjoy the quiet bliss of home...it may be a while before you feel like you have that again!
    (BTW you can tell me to buzz off if you want, I got so irritated when people kept giving me that advice...I simply said yeah yeah, now get out of my way as I do some more jumproping!)


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