Sunday, 15 March 2009


Ah, what an exciting blog title! That's my life for the foreseeable future. But don't they look lovely on the washing line?

Today poor Humphrey was subjected to the indignity of wearing a nappy but, as is his way, he didn't complain. Putting one of these re-usable nappies (extra green eco-karma to us; until such time as we decide it's too much like hard work) together isn't too difficult when you lay it flat on a table; when it comes to doing it in 3D, so to speak, it becomes a little trickier, so goodness only knows what it will be like when it comes to putting one on a real, squirming, crying, little person. The trouble mostly lies with the poppers which are quite hard to snap together, unless you have something firm to press against (ie a table); as hubby was practicising on Humphrey I did have to point put that he probably wouldn't be able to press against DC to close the poppers in quite the same way.

While we're on the subject of babies (and, let's face it, we might be on this subject for some time to come until I get my life back), last week when I got back from a visit to Liz's (for the Thai curry that didn't do the job) hubby was pleased to inform me that another one of our NCT group had had her baby. As is our way, we played 'guess the name' (well, I guessed as hubby already knew it). 'Is it a boy or girl?' I asked (this usually helps to narrow it down somewhat); 'Boy' hubby confidently replied. 'What does it begin with?' said I (again, there has to be a little clue or I could still be here guessing away). 'D' I was told. 'David, Donald, Damien, Dexter.' 'No, no, no, no.' 'Dilbert, Drew, Dylan, Derek, Desmond.' 'No, no, no, no, no.' 'Hmmm, can I have a clue?' 'It's sort of nineteenth century, you would like it more than me; it's from a book/film/period drama.' 'Darcey?' I said, tentatively. 'Yes!' said hubby, pleased that his clue had elicited the correct response. 'That's a girl's name.' 'Oh,' said hubby 'good job I didn't email them back and say congrats on the birth of your son.' Indeed.

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