Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Induction Date

Had an appointment at the hospital today, but even a meeting with a consultant couldn't persuade DC that coming out is a good idea. So, unless things happen before then of their own accord, I am booked in for an induction on Tuesday 17 March - St Patrick's Day. Pity neither hubby nor I have any Irish blood coursing through our veins or it would probably mean a lot more to us!
I do have an appointment with the midwife on Thursday, so she may be able to drag DC out of the cosy little nook, thus saving me from a whole selection of pessaries (sorry if that's too much information), drips, instruments like crochet hooks designed for breaking waters (again, apologies), etc, etc.

One of hubby's colleagues in Poland told him that apparently the longer a baby stays in the womb, the bigger its brain will be - this is based on the fact that Einstein was apparently three weeks overdue. So, it looks like I'm currently growing my very own future University Challenge contestant/Tefal head/super-nerd rocket scientist...

The only trouble with that is, if the brain is big then presumably the head will be big. Ouchie.

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