Monday, 23 March 2009

Introducing Arthur John Thorley Wilkinson - At Long Last!

Am pretty much too pooped (but very very happy!) to write anything, but here are some photos of the not-so-little bundle of joy who finally made his arrival just 17 days late on Friday 20th March at 12.10pm, weighing in at a sturdy 8lbs 11oz.

The red line on his forehead is a battle scar (but not permanent) from the forceps delivery he needed due to having managed to wrap the umbilical cord round his waist whilst performing some sort of pirouette in the womb!
He looks the absolute spitting image of his daddy, minus the ginger hair, but that might change...


  1. Hello Arthur!

    Isn't your mummy a clever girl:)


  2. hullo Arthur, you are a tough character putting your mummy through all that, maybe ought to take it easy for a bit!

    Justine, so happy for you, holy cow that is a BIG BOY! no wonder he took a while to come out, he was shopping for school clothes!

    can't wait to see and hear more, hope that you are feeling well.


  3. Congrats to you all

    And thank goodness he doesn't look too much like hubby


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