Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Exactly a Year (and 2 Days) Ago Today

'Twas exactly 367 days ago today (can't believe we missed the actual year anniversary - hubby mentioned it the day before, but the day itself slipped by unnoticed) that we find out I was expecting this little bundle of joy, seen here practising for his modelling portfolio, not.

Have I told you the tale of how hubby & I were waiting to board a plane to Australia exactly 367 days ago when I came over all peculiar? We had checked in and hubby had wandered off to have a look at the shops to kill time; when he came back he found me in a blubbering heap, sobbing that I couldn't get on the plane - I absolutely could not bear the thought of flying, especially for such a length of time. Qantas were very understanding and offered to book us on a later flight, but that didn't help me feel any better so we had to wait while our bags were unloaded from the plane (apologies to all those passengers left sitting out on the tarmac) and then come up with a plan of what on earth we were going to do now we were no longer flying off for what was supposed to be the last six weeks or so of our seven-month trip. Luckily our good friends Rachel & Gordon came to the rescue, picked us up from the airport and offered us a bed for the night. And just before they arrived to collect us, I nipped in to Boots at Heathrow and bought a couple of pregnancy testing kits to see if perhaps it was some sort of hormonal thing which had caused my meltdown. Off we toddled to Old Windsor where I made use of the facilities to do what it is you have to do with the pregnancy sticks and the rest, as they say, is history!

So, DC has pretty much been on our minds for a whole year now. Weird really, especially since I never wanted children, but I, indeed we, wouldn't be without him now. Lovely little, funny little, scrumptious little chap that he is.

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