Monday, 20 July 2009

Magazine Update Number II

Here's an update on the number of mags in our house as of today.

Number in the crate outside: 34 (no change)

Number on the table: 59 (5 less than last week; can almost see my new Laura Ashley oilcloth underneath the piles now - yay!)

Number dotted around the house: 5 (2 more than last week)

Number of magazines that have left the building: 4 (1 given to friends, 3 sold on Ebay - makes me feel much better about buying magazines if I can then sell them on and recoup some of the money; Hello seems very popular with overseas Ebayers, so much so that they are willing to pay more than I did for them originally!)

Number of new magazines that have entered the building: 2. Oopsy. But, in my defence, the Waterstone's Books Quarterly is free to Waterstone's card holders, of which I am one.
Total number of magazines in the house: 104 (3 less than last week. Yay!)

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