Friday, 18 September 2009


This weekend I have been abandoned by the two boys. They have gone oop north so hubby can go on (parts of ) a stag weekend and DC can visit Grandma and Grandad. So here I am all lonely and alone. The very first time I have been without my two most favourite boys at the same time :(

Still, no need to feel too sorry for me as I have been filling my time working. Hmm, perhaps a little bit of sympathy wouldn't go amiss. Luckily only another two hours and I'm all done for this week. And it hasn't all been work today as I was able to escape the confines of my desk this afternoon for a trip to the Post Office to send some eBay parcels (ok, not massively exciting, but it got me out), the library (ah, I love libraries - even worked in one for a while - but this time I had to pay a fine for my overdue books so the love wasn't there quite so much), Waitrose to find something for a singleton's dinner-for-one (syrup sponge pudding for dessert? don't mind if I do) and, finally, Costa for a skinny decaf cappucino and a chocolate tiffin. Have you tried Costa's chocolate tiffin? Oh my goodness, it is fab. Best sampled on a daily basis if at all possible.

And this evening I have been mostly


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