Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Opposite of Crafty

That's what I am. I spend a not inconsiderable amount of time reading the blogs of uber-crafty types; people who seem to be able to whizz up quilts, stuffed toys, entire three piece suites, mobile homes and the like in between their daily blog posts. How I admire them and covet their craftiness. However, I am the opposite of these talented bloggers.

I bought these counted cross-stitch kits at the end of June. Both are samplers for DC's nursery - one has the alphabet and the other has name/date of birth/weight. Or at least that's what they will be at some point in the future should I ever get my finger out and get out with it.

Then on our visit to Burford a few weeks back I bought this Christmas kit thinking to myself how very organised I was to be buying something festive with so much time in which to get it finished. Hmm, not quite so much time now. Tick tock, tick tock, I can almost hear those jingle bells a-jangling.

To be fair to myself, I'm not a totally hopeless case as I am part (perhaps even half) way through knitting this cushion cover. Think I bought it about three months ago. Should be ready for next winter.


  1. Ha ha...I can relate to that...I started knitting a baby cardi thing for my beautiful baby girl when I was pregnant...said beautiful baby is 11 yrs old on Friday and I am not even done with the rib !!! doh me thinks it's not gunna fit !! xx

  2. I just found you through Steph (Curlew Country). Had a good chuckle, either your little boy has a cracking good humour or perhaps you do the writing? Great read - thanks.

    Oh and I know you know it already, but your sons eyes are stunning. Very gorgeous.

    Lisa x


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