Sunday, 20 September 2009

Arfur Birthday

Psssst, want to know a secret?

Apparently today was my 'arfur' birthday; or that's what mummy and daddy have been saying all day. I think they mean 'half', but they're trying to be funny, what with my name being Arthur, you see.

So, mummy and daddy very kindly took me on an outing to The Royal Berkshire Show. When we got there it was a bit chilly, so mummy made me put this hat on. It's the only one she could find, and it was a bit tight but it did the job til the sun came out; luckily that wasn't very long cos I think it might have cut off my blood supply otherwise, and I think the other babies might have been laughing at me.

We saw lots of funny animals at the show.

As well as some funny smelling ones too.

Daddy got very excited when he saw these vegetables. Isn't he weird?

I think this balloon was waaaaaay more interesting than a couple of giant leeks.

When we got home, mummy and daddy gave me a cake with a candle in it. Don't know why they bought me a cake when I can't even eat it. Very odd. Still when they waved it in front of me I wasn't going to be rude, so I said 'Give me the plate, then.'

'Look in to my eyes, in to my eyes, not around the eyes; give me the plate.'

'Yes, the plate, the plate. You know I can't eat cake, so GIVE.ME.THE.PLATE.'

'That's better.'

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  1. see, I feel that might be the answer to my weight loss programme - eat the plate, not the cake, while wedged in a giant potty. I think it will work.


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