Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Where's my sushi?

Hello, me again. Mummy is too poorly to write anything; heard her say something about having swine flu, although I thought that had gone out of fashion now. Typical of her to be behind the times. Daddy thinks Mummy is just laying it on a bit thick, or something like that. Anyway, despite being poorly, Mummy was able to drag herself out with Daddy and take me to Yo Sushi.

Tell you something though, they were very slow at getting Mummy's favourite Pumpkin Korroke on the conveyor belt.

I nearly had to get on board and go through to the kitchen and give the chef a piece of my mind. But Daddy stopped me. Spoilsport.

By the way, are you impressed at me doing standing-ups? Mummy says I'm a big grown-up boy now, although my legs don't want to do standing up all the time and they fold in half and I have to sit down again.


  1. Crikey! You just zipped me back ten years to the joys of a London Yo Sushi! soiree. I reckon I'd be pretty miffed at a slow going Pumpkin Korroke too.

  2. Oh what a lovely post - and that's the very best all in one I've ever seen!

    Hope you're feeling much better, its grim isn't it.


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