Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Changes are afoot in the W. household. Momentous changes. Life-changing changes!

Firstly, I have finally persuaded hubby that we should sell the Henley house, and it is now on the market. So if you, or anyone you know, are on the lookout for a new home in a beautiful Thames-side market town, BUY OURS!

Hubby has come to realise that we will never be able to buy 'THE' house, without first parting with at least one, and perhaps both, of our current houses. Makes us sound like property moguls, which we aren't; we just happen to own two homes, one of which we live in, one of which we don't, the latter of which is now for sale. And so, the search for 'THE' or perhaps 'The Not-Quite THE' house continues, not helped by the fact that we have yet to decide where exactly we'd like to live; mostly depends on what day of the week it is - today we'd like to stay in Henley or environs, tomorrow it'll be a village on the outskirts of Bath, yesterday it was Chipping Norton. Wherever it may be, 'THE' house has an ever-growing list of must-haves:

*detached (properly detached, not shoe-horned into a plot with neighbours who may as well be terraced to us)
*off-road parking (and a gravel drive if hubby gets his wish!)
*LARGE garden, possibly measured in acres (or parts thereof) rather than feet and inches
*three+ bedrooms
*room for two of us to work from home
*a craft room for me
*a play room for DC
*two+ reception rooms
*large kitchen-diner

Not asking much, are we?!

Secondly, the D.I.E.T. has turned serious. This is the year that it will finally happen. No question. Just as soon as all those Christmas goodies have been eaten...

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