Thursday, 7 January 2010


We've had plenty enough of the nasty white stuff, thank you very much.

This photo was taken from our living room window on Monday evening at about 8.30pm; snow had been falling for three hours by that point, and was about 3inches deep already.

By Tuesday morning it was about 5inches deep. And it's still here. Hubby thinks snow is wonderful, so he was happy to take DC out in his pram for a walk yesterday, while the more sensible member of the family (ie me), stayed at home, keeping warm and dry. Hubby returned with a gingerbread latte from Costa, so all was well.

Today, even the sensible member of the family (ie me) decided to venture out, now that the snow has been compacted and since I had a pram to hang on to. Luckily the pavement on the bridge over the Thames had been cleared and gritted, (unlike last time it snowed when it was ice-rink-like) so I was able to maintain an upright position and walk like a vaguely normal person.

At least there has been no more snow today, and the sun was out which helped to melt it a little. Now we just have the ice to contend with...

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  1. wish I could buy your house...but somehow me thinks my family whom I have already moved 15 hours away from would start feeling insulted! lol

    Where do you all want to be?


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