Tuesday, 26 January 2010

NIMBY update

Have had a letter from the Planning Office; they are going to send someone round to admire, sorry, investigate our next door neighbour's delightful extension. Apparently, there are four courses of (in)action from which they can choose: (these are my words, not theirs, but you get my drift)

1) Have a look at the botch job and decide that there's nothing wrong, clearly you are a time-wasting moaner with nothing better to do than try to get your neighbours in trouble
2) Have a look at the botch job, agree that it is hideous but decide it's not worth the bother and allow botch job to remain
3) Have a look at the botch job, agree that it is hideous and ask the eejit who built it to apply for restrospective planning permission (which, presumably, will be granted, or else why not proceed directly to no.4?)
4) Have a look at the botch job, agree that it is hideous and actually do something about it

What do you think will happen? My money's on no.2; still, at least it will put the wind up the neighbours and hopefully make them think twice before they make any more additions to the property.

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  1. retrospective planning is very interesting – depending on how serious you are you might want to consider seeking the (paid) advice of a planning consultant. My friend used one when she was trying (and succeeding) to stop her neighbour doing something hideous. The more people who complain will also add some weight.
    Paying for professional help means they use the right language and key phrases that councils will respond too.


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