Thursday, 26 August 2010

Less Wet, More People

The crowds are descending with a vengeance today; the rain, less so.

I do have more photos to show you, but Blogger is playing silly beggars and not letting me upload them.

The photo above is the view from Caversham Bridge at about 2.30pm this afternoon; I was just walking from the bus stop back to our house having had a very pleasant morning in Marlow whil DC was enjoying himself at nursery. First stop on trip to Marlow was a coffee (for me) and tea + sausage sarnie (for hubby) and a read of the paper (him) and Period Living (me) while we waited for the solicitor's office to open. When it did, we shuffled on over and spent the next 40mins or so discussing the purchase of the house in Hinton St George and signing all the necessary documentation to make it ours. We found out later that we have finally exchanged contracts and will complete tomorrow - YAY!

Second stop was Starbucks and a couple of hours spent in the company of my very good friend Liz; we sipped, ate and chatted the time away.

After that it was time for me to have an amble round the shops. And guess who I spotted doing the very same? That bloke of the telly. You know the one. He was in Holby City and then won Strictly a couple of years back (not that I watch it.) Tom Chambers. And his wife. And his parents. I think they might have been following me because I first saw them in a 'stuff' shop at one end of the high street and the next time in a kitchen/cook shop at the other end. Celebrity stalkers, eh?!

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  1. Do you think you will miss all the excitement when you move?
    Tom Chambers.....never took to him on Strictly...I hope you ignored him?


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