Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dewey Decimal Decisions

Since we came up with the idea of using the dresser top as a bookcase I've been pondering the best way in which to divide my book collection in two. I know, I know, my life is THAT exciting. But it's these little things that keep my brain whirring, and it's a tricky decision (for me, anyway) since one bookcase is downstairs and one is upstairs.

Originally I thought I'd just start with the As in the downstairs bookcase and continue the alphabet upstairs at whatever point bookcase no.1 became full., But then, a lightbulb moment occured when I was starting to sort through all of the books on the floor. I decided that bookcase no.1 in the snug would be dedicated solely to (cozy) crime and mystery books. Hell yes, things are thrilling (get the pun?) around these parts.

Here's bookcase no.1 mid-shuffle. Hubby was kindly carrying the non-crime books upstairs for me at this point.

Here we are left only with the crime books in the bookcase/on the floor.

And here they are, all neat and alphabetized; and with room for a few more...

And here's the upstairs bookcase, with all the non-crime books in situ, but not yet alphabetized. Complete with mug of coffee to enjoy while I sat on the floor and put them all in order. What a blissful way to spend 20 minutes. Can you tell I used to work in a library? My absolute favourite part of the job was re-shelving/tidying the books. Sad, but true. It's the OCD in me.
 And here we are, all neat,tidy and in alphabetical order (ad with room for more books...) And with a soulful photo of DC propped on top. I think there's room for improvement with the ornament/knick-knacks situation, but that's the next step. At least now my books are in order and I am happy.

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  1. There's a lot of crime in your house!! I'd love to work in a library, all those books and peace too - bliss.
    I have mine split between fiction and factual books, which outnumber the fiction considerably (makes me sound cleverer than I am.)


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